What is ABECMA? ABECMA (idecabtagene vicleucel) is a prescription medicine for the treatment of multiple myeloma in patients who have received at least three kinds of treatment regimens that have not worked or have stopped working. ABECMA is a medicine made from your own white blood cells; the cells are genetically modified to recognize and attack your multiple myeloma cells.

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Support that's with me
through my ABECMA® journey

Actor portrayal

Support that's with me
through my ABECMA® journey

Actor portrayal

Your caregiver can make a difference

Caregivers play an essential role during your ABECMA® treatment journey. They can lend a helping hand and support you before and after your ABECMA infusion. Plan with family and friends so that caregiver duties can be shared by more than one person.

Before your ABECMA infusion, caregivers can help:

  • Take notes and ask questions at the doctor’s office
  • Schedule appointments
  • Organize and share medical and insurance information with the healthcare team
  • Help with day-to-day tasks, such as driving, meals, laundry, and cleaning

After your ABECMA infusion, caregivers can help:

  • Look for symptoms, side effects, and other changes in health and/or behaviors
  • Check and record your temperature at least 3 times a day
  • Ask the healthcare team questions
  • Call 911 and your healthcare team in an emergency

Caregivers help give their loved ones medical, practical, and emotional support.
This can be a lot of responsibility. It's okay to share these duties with more than one person so that caregivers can also take care of themselves.

Watch to meet the rest of
your ABECMA care team

This video provides a description of the team
that patients may encounter during their
ABECMA treatment journey.

Start video: Meet Your ABECMA® Care Team that teaches patients about the care team they may encounter during their ABECMA® (idecabtagene vicleucel) treatment journey

Become familiar with the ABECMA treatment process and learn
how your caregiver and healthcare team will be there to help.

see the treatment process
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